In Hungary almost 50,000 children share beds with their siblings, or sleep on surfaces that offer little or no comfort. Charity Taxi has delivered more than 600 beds to children in need since 2019!

What is this campaign about?

The goal of our campaign is to provide children in rural disadvantaged families with quality beds. In these small villages children often do not have a bed to sleep or get proper rest on. Our Á-Lom project aims to improve this situation.

Whom are we helping?

The beds are given to children whose families live in partner villages of Charity Taxi. Disadvantaged families can become recipients if their children do not have a satisfactory surface to sleep on, either because their current bed is broken or otherwise unsuitable for resting, or the number of people sleeping in one bed exceeds the ideal. Another condition is that there must be enough space in the home to fit the new beds.

How can you help?

Donate a bed

if you have a bed in good condition that you would like to give away, register and we will pick it up at your address.

Take part in the expenses

Support us with a financial donation so that all bed donations can reach their new little owners. Bank account number: 16200106-11607326


We only accept furniture in good condition, with all accessories (bed frame, mattress, ladder, screws, etc.)! Donations are subject to registration and prior consultation and are only possible within the administrative boundaries of Budapest.