Charity Taxi  is a multipronged initiative that combines elements of social care, community building and social sensitization. By connecting the needs of the supporters and those supported, we are working toward a more cohesive and sustainable society.


The idea to set up Charity Taxi is rooted in the 2015 refugee crisis, when we witnessed a massive civic collaboration to help those in need. The willingness of this crowd to extend a helping hand was both moving and inspiring. It proved that a multitude of people were willing and ready to help in a multitude of ways, and it showed that Budapest had incredible potential when it came to donations. However, we felt and saw that many people never made it to action from intention. Thus, the idea was born to make it easier to donate and by picking up donations from people’s homes.

In the past seven years, the charity collected donations from more than 3000 households in the capital city and delivered it to 100 different towns with the help of 600 volunteers.


You can help by donating smaller items to families in need! 

Most importantly, we collect only clean, flawless donations that are in good condition, such as chindrens’ toys, kitchen equipment, household textiles, non-perishable food and other smaller items.

Our next collection day is on Sunday, the 2nd of June, 2024.
Click here if you want to read more details about donations and to register for our pick-up service. Our pick-up area is only within Budapest and the maximum quantity we can take over at a time is the equivalent of 3 pieces of 110 liters bags/boxes (out of which maximum 2 bags can be clothing).

You can also hand over donations personally at our warehouse. Due to the capacity of our warehouse, we can now ONLY accept donations (brought in personally) of school supplies, non-perishable food, kitchen and household equipment, children’s toys and household textiles (ex. towels, sheets, blankets).
Click here to register and get all the details about the opening times.

The address of the storage facility: 1134 Budapest, Kassák Lajos street 79. Please be sure to contact our donation coordinator Tünde Hakkel at before bringing in your donation in person.

If you have any questions please check the registration form first and if you still need further information about the donation, our donation coordinator, Tünde, is happy to answer you. You can contact her at


Do you think what we do is important? Support our operation financially!

What is your donation enough for?

2500 HUF – Travel expenses of a volunteer driver on a donation collection

5 500 HUF – Weekly motorway vignette

10 000 HUF – Delivery of a ‘Á-Lom(Dream)’ bed to a child in need

20 000 HUF – Travel expenses of a volunteer driver on an average donation trip

50 000 HUF – The daily rental fee and travel costs of a truck on an average donation trip

100 000 HUF – The total cost of a rural donation drive/community day


Name: Adománytaxi Alapítvány

Account number: 16200106-11607326

IBAN: HU25 1620 0106 1160 7326 0000 0000


Bank: MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank Zrt.


households visited
communities supported
volunteers on the road

The Charity Taxi connects not only needs, but also people. It creates an opportunity for misconceptions to be replaced by your own experience. We work for a more solidary and sustainable society, in which everyone can be a participant and shaper at the same time.